Rendezvous At-A-Glance 

FRIDAY, August 30, 2013

WEDNESDAY, August 28, 2013


7:30 - 9:30 am

Continental breakfast available

8:00 am

Presentations –
“The Philadelphia Regulators”
(Jim Shomper)


“Time, Time, It’s All About Time”

(Dave Ingram)

“Magnetism and Gravity”

(Eric Pyle)

“The Search for the Southernmost Point of Philadelphia” 

(Jim Shomper)

9:30 am

​Spouses and Guests - “Antiques Row”

(optional) Interesting little shops along Pine Street


Lunch on your own

(Rendezvous afterwards at South & Front Streets)

2:00 pm

Ceremony – “Southernmost Point of Philadelphia Dedication”

3:00 pm

“Walking Tours of Historic Philadelphia”
(Led by professional tour guides)


6:00 pm

Social Hour 

(Relax & cool off with drinks before dinner)

7:00 pm

Annual Rendezvous Banquet
(with previews of coming attractions)


8:00 pm

“A Visit from the Past”
(by a very distinguished Philadelphian)


8:30 pm

Annual Rendezvous Auction


12 Noon  

Rendezvous Registration Desk Open

4-6 pm

Food & Drink – “Welcome Weary Travelers”

6 pm

Presentations – “50-Years of Superstar TV Surveyors” (John Brock) “Welcome to Historic Philadelphia” (Rendezvous 2013 Committee)

7:30 pm
Surveyors Historical Society Annual Meeting (SHS Board and membership)​​​

THURSDAY, August 29, 2013


7:00 am

Rendezvous Registration Desk Open

7:30 am

Continental breakfast available

8:00 am

Spouse & Guest Tour departs for Longwood Gardens

8:00 am

Presentations - 

“The Mason & Dixon Survey”
(Todd Babcock)


“Colonial Surveying in Pennsylvania”
(Milton Denny)


“Weighing the World”

(Edwin Danson)

“Stargazers Stone”

(Todd Babcock)

11:30 am

Light lunch at hotel

12:30 pm

Busses depart hotel for Stargazer Stone and Harlan House (1-hour trip)

1:30 pm

Group from hotel arrives at Stargazer Stone and Harlan House site

2:00 pm

Spouses & Guests depart Longwood Gardens for Harlan House (20-minute trip)

1:30 pm

“Colonial Surveying at Stargazers Stone”
(Hands-on activities & demonstrations)


4:00 pm

Ceremony - “Setting the Real Stargazers Point”

(Led by Todd Babcock)

5:00 pm

Annual Rendezvous Picnic

7:30 pm

Busses return to Hyatt Hotel (1-hour trip)

SATURDAY, August 31, 2013

9:30 am

Independence Hall, Carpenters Hall, Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, US Mint (Tours)

12 Noon

Lunch on your own (Plenty of great places nearby, quite inexpensive)

1:30–3 pm

Memorial Stone Ceremony for Charles Mason (Christ Church Burial Ground)